Saturday, April 14, 2018

sorry to be away

I'm leaving for JFK after church tomorrow. Joe, an old friend from St. John's, Waterbury is driving me and picking me up.

I'm sorry to be away.

For lots of reasons:

*Bela is only a month dead and I hate to leave Bern so, so much.

*The older I get, the less I like to travel. I love to fly, but all the b.s. about it is annoying.

*I'm sorry I won't be writing stuff to whoever you are out there who reads this stuff.

*Unless there is a TV in my room at the conference center I'll miss the first live versions of  The Voice.

*NBA playoffs started today.

*Spring has almost, reluctantly, agreed to come to New England and it'll be 90 F in Phoenix.

*I don't sleep well in strange beds.

*I just love to 'bitch' about stuff. Bern gave me a coffee mug for my early birthday (I'll be in Arizona for the 'real' day) with a quote from Bill Maher that says, "I'm pissed off that more people aren't pissed off."

See you in a week.

Shalom, jim

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