Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Fifty years have passed--5/7th of my life since I was 20 when Memphis happened.

It is some better in some ways--first Black President, more Black faces in TV commercials, more Black voices speaking.

But if you compare the progress in Civil Rights to the progress in technology, well, that's clearly no contest.

It saddens me greatly on the 50th anniversary of King's assassination that police shootings of unarmed black men is still so prevalent and that 40% of public school discipline is against 15% of black students (in both poor and rich districts), and poverty among whites and non-whites is so skewed, and that health care across the races is so out of whack.

God love him, he went to the mountain top--that I know.

But the 'promised land' he saw was much further on than he imagined.

Or that all of us deserve.

And our current (not to be named here) "President" is doing nothing to bring the promised land closer--in fact is pushing it away--is disheartening.

But rest in peace, my hero.

Some of us work on, work on, work on....

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