Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sooner than I had imagined

This afternoon Bern said to me, "after vacation, I want to get a dog."

Much sooner than I imagined. We go to Oak Island, North Carolina every September. Mimi and Tim and Eleanor come as do Jack and Sherry and John, our dear friends from New Haven.

When Sadie died we went over a year without a dog. We had cats and birds, so we shared our lives with creatures. But we waited on a dog.

Now, Bern and I are alone and she wants a dog sooner than I thought. We both feel lonely and are still mourning Bela.

But in September we'll go to the dog rescue place and find a dog to be part of our family.

We'll get an older dog since we are both moving up in age.

And Bern said she wanted a smaller dog. We'll see what that means.

As sad as I still am about Bela, the possibility of a dog on the horizon makes me glad.

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