Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Alas and alack...

So, I went to my Tuesday morning group primed to talk about Game of Thrones and none of the people there had ever watched it!

I was shocked--I thought the only thing more people were talking about than what an despicable idiot our President is, would be Game of Thrones. I talk to people in the grocery store and filling up our cars with gas about the show. But none of these people I care deeply about have ever watched it!

I took a deep breath and decided, instead, to talk about how all the Yankee stars are on the injured reserve list and they are still only 2 games out of first.

Then I checked their faces and realized that people who didn't watch GofT wouldn't follow baseball either.

It was great because I usually think I'm out of the 'mainstream', but maybe not as far as I thought....

"Go Yankees!!!!"

"Go Dragons!!!!"

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