Friday, April 5, 2019


I was about to get up at 8:44 a.m. but Bridget was in bed with me and I rubbed her for a while and woke up at 10:30!

I'm trying to finish a P.D. James book but have also been trying to complete my tax stuff and keep getting distracted.

I spent half an hour looking for my figures about unreimbursed business expenses and finally found them in one of the manila envelopes I put receipts in.

So I took my tax stuff in and drove around a while.

Then I came back and plunged into P.D. James until I needed to go out and get some wine.

It was sleeting when I went for wine!

Sleeting in April!

I talked on a conference call with two folks from upstate New York and Block Island and it was snowing in West Park, NY.

Bern cooked dinner tonight and it was great--chicken tenders she fried, slaw and a vegetable salad. Yum!

Then Oregon was ahead of Baylor in the women's NCAA at half-time.

And that brings us up to date on today.


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