Wednesday, April 3, 2019

R.I.P. The Rev. Dr. Bill Pregnell

Bill Pregnell was a professor of mine at Virginia Theological Seminary.

I loved him as a teacher and admired him as a man.

That affection went so deep that I asked him to preach at my ordination to the priesthood at St. James in Charleston, West Virginia.

And he agreed!

I have a picture of all the clergy from my ordination and Bill is in it.

What a joy he was--humorous and yet very intellectual.

I lost touch with him (as I often do with people from my past) and now he is dead at 88.

Deep breath. Grief. Sorrow.

I will miss you. Bill, though I haven't see you for decades.

Thanks for all the wisdom and humor and wonder we shared.

Whatever waits for us after death, I pray for you it is joyous.

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