Monday, April 1, 2019


Today I gave a two hour presentation the Mary Magdalene at Middlesex Community College for M.I.L.E.--which I just googled to get what the acronym stands for: Middlesex Institute for Lifelong Education.

My spell check doesn't like Middlesex no matter how may times I tell it to ignore it. It wants me to type Middle sex. Come to Middletown and tell them that! Well, on top of that it wants me to type 'Middletown' as 'Middle town' or 'Middleton'. I dare my spell check to come to Middletown in Middlesex county and explain how they are misspelling their names....

Any way, over 70 people came to the presentation and were great. I may have worn them out since I have in the past done Mary Magdalene in 6 or 7 90 minute sessions so I probably talked too much and too fast.

But they were great.

If you live in the misspelled town or county check out M.I.L.E. on line. You have to type it with the periods or you'll never find it.

Great day but I'm hoarse and tired of being on my feet walking around the room that long.

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