Wednesday, April 10, 2019

coins in the mail

I should go downstairs and get them all and be accurate. I think I will. Back in a moment.

OK, sorry for the delay.

Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary sent me a nickle and two pennies,

The SPCA sent me four nickles.

PETA sent me four nickles.

The Humane Society sent me three nickles,

And the SPCA sent me four more nickles.

That's 82 cents.

And, to my knowledge I've never given any of those groups money.

I do support local rescue groups.

Perhaps they share their donors with national groups.

I understand, Animals suffer greatly at the hands of humans.

The only cases I would support the death penalty for would be people hurting animals. I really would. I'd pull the trigger myself if invited.

Nothing worse that people hurting animals they aren't going to eat.

(I'm a carnivore, but I don't want to look at that too closely....I do love meat and fish.....)

But why send me 82 cents?

To make me feel guilty about taking their money and not giving them mine?

I guess that's it--along with pictures of horses being dragged by trucks and abused cats and dogs.

It won't work. I'll put that 82 cents in the jar where I put pocket change and support local rescue places--like "Almost Home" in North Haven where we found Bridget.

Though I try to not give advise on this blog, you should support local rescue facilities. They do the work of God and Angels.


But don't mail me coins.

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