Friday, June 28, 2019

2nd debate

OK, just me talkng.

Kamala Harris ruled! Even though she missed a chance to talk about climate change, she took on Biden and Mayor Pete and had the greatest line of the night when lots of people were talking: "We don't want to have a food fight when people want to know how we'll put food on their table."

Sen. Barret was ok, except he seemed a tad lost.

Bernie held up as did Congressman Swallwell, Sen, Gillibrand and Gov. Inslee. But barely.

Andrew Yang said next to nothing. Former Congressman Delany said nothing that mattered and guru to the stars, Marianna Williamson looked like she was in another dimension and sounded like it too.

Joe suffered. Mayor Pete, Gillibrand, Bernie treaded water and Kamala leaped like a dolphin. Though I'll give Mayor Pete this: when asked about why South Bend's police force didn't have more Black officers, he said, "Because I failed." Not many politicians will be that humble and self-critical. I really like him for that.

Unlike the night before, this shifted the field.

Kamala raised the third most money that night than any.

She's on the rise.

Just me talkin'....

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