Sunday, June 30, 2019

A lovely day

When I got to St. James in Higganum today, some people came in with umbrellas. "What are those for?" I asked.

Big rain coming, they told me. Saw it on radar, they said. Be here when church is over, I was told.

So, I went out and rolled up my car windows, that were all the way down.

I had to leave St. James during the closing hymn and drive like a crazy person, still in my alb, to Emmanuel, Killingworth. When I got there, still sunny as all get out, I left my windows up since, surely, the rain was near.

Both times, no rain.

I did hit rain--a little--driving home, but passed some places that looked like it had rained hard.

Bern told me, when I got home, there had been a 10 minute downpour.

But the rest of the day was brilliant and cooler--no air conditioning on--and no humidity to speak of.

I read an Icelandic mystery today--very stark and dark. And watched the birds in the back yard.

Lots of birds this year. At one point this afternoon their were 9 birds on the ground in our back yard, plus a bunny and a groundhog--and this is a suburb, not the country!

A lovely day, just right, perfect.

Hope yours was too.

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