Thursday, June 27, 2019

First debate

In my opinion, nobody really won.

The set up was so awkward I couldn't see how anyone could have won. Too many people, too little time, too short answers.

But for me, just me I'll have you understand, Warren, Castro and Booker came out most positive.

Beto and di Blasio were terrible. Most of the others just didn't matter. Tim Ryan, for example, looked like he was caught in an alternative universe. And the woman from Hawaii. though she had that moment with Ryan where she straightened him out, has too much recent baggage about G/L/B/T/Q people to survive.

Looking forward to tonight in 15 minutes or so.

It could really matter.

"Any one but He Who Will Not be Named" is my mantra.

Time will tell who that 'any one' might be.

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