Tuesday, August 10, 2021

A change of life

 Having Josh and Cathy and the three girls here for three days changed our lives.

We're so used, Bern and I, to being alone in our house with Bridget that sharing it with five others is strange.

We loved having them here. Emma and Morgan, going on 15 and Tegan, going on 12 is amazing. They talk constantly. It's entertaining but exhausting.

This morning I mentioned that I had a strange dream last night and what resulted was 30 minutes of their chatter about their weird dreams, talking over each other, and no mention of my dream!

We love them so, but they are all approaching young womanhood and are not the children we last saw a year and a half ago.

What a joy though, to be family for a few days.

Now it's back to normal.

And that's good too.

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