Thursday, August 12, 2021

Some things

This weekend I'm doing two things that give me great joy.

First, on Saturday, I'll be present on a hilltop in Milton to oversee and bless Peter and Eileen on their 50th wedding anniversary.

They are dear people and will have only family except for two long term friends.

Then on Sunday I'm baptizing a baby at church. I love baptisms with all my heart. Welcoming a new member of the family of God is always a wonder.

I look forward to both of those experiences.

It's as hot as it's been in CT right now.

Bern hates the hot and I hate the cold.

Not the only way we are different.

Then, also on Sunday, we're having John and Sherry and Jack over for dinner to talk about details about our trip to Oak Island, North Carolina.

Mimi and Tim and Eleanor will be joining us at the beach.

I just pray there are no hurricanes to send us home early.

Lots of things happening in the next few weeks after months of Covid made nothing much happen.

Hope your life is looking up a bit though this pandemic isn't nearly over.


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