Monday, August 16, 2021

Busy Weekend

On Saturday I did a wondrous service on a hilltop for a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary. The two of them read things and I said a few words and blessed the bread and wine--which they passed out to their family and two friends with tears in their eyes. Then they said words to each other and we went down the hill to their house for food and drink.

Then, Sunday morning I baptized a 10 month old--it was incredible--he watched my every move. His three siblings were his god-parents. Very moving.

Sunday late afternoon, Sherry, Jack and John came for dinner. They are three of the people, along with Mimi, Tim and Eleanor, who go to the beach with us. We handled details and had burgers, Bern's onion rings and salad along with Sherry's peach cobbler and ice cream.

They are three of our oldest friends and being with them in a joy--if John didn't talk so much!

A busy and gracious two days.

I am thankful for days like those two.


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