Monday, August 2, 2021

Hank's Memorial

I went out to a park in Woodbury for an out-door Life Service for my friend Hank, who died last year.

Hank was not a religious man but we met him through his wife, Harriet, who worked with me for over a decade at St. John's in Waterbury.

Eventually they moved to a life center in Cheshire and though years from St. John's time, I was able to see them.

Hank helped Bern make two Adirondack chairs that are still on our back deck.

Then, one Christmas years ago, Bern made me a picture out of wood and paint of the two chairs and a glass of wine on mine, from behind. The title was "Still looking forward".

I took it to show Harriet and some other friends.

The service was led by one of the chaplains at the Care Home where Hank died.

It included poetry, music and remembrances and ended with "As Long As I Can See The Light" by Creedence Clearwater Revival. 

What could be a better way to end such a celebration?

Miss you, Hank, be well.


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