Sunday, November 7, 2021

Church is good

Church today was great.

The vocalist, Jordan, did several spirituals--"Amazing Grace" and "Just a closer walk with thee" among them.

I told him it was like sitting behind my grandma, Lina Manona Jones, as she played the piano in the Pilgrim Holiness Church in Conklintown, West Virginia.

My sermon was decent, but not great.

But the people were so glad I was getting better, it didn't matter.

I love that little church in Milton.

But I've loved every church I've served in 40 years of parish ministry.

I didn't use my cane.

For some reason my hip and knees are better all of a sudden.

I don't care why, I just embrace it.

Coffee hour, as always at Trinity, was amazing.

I'm so glad to be there.


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