Sunday, November 28, 2021

I Haven't written much

I haven't written much over the Thanksgiving week.

My mind was on other things.

But I did hear about the report of a think tank is Stockholm, Sweden called International Institute for Democracy, that gave the US a rating of  'democratic backsliding'!

In the Pilgrim Holiness Church of my early childhood, "backsliding" meant people who were "saved" were losing that level and 'backsliding' into sinfulness.

Given the events of the last President (he who will not be named here) and what's happened to our unity since Biden was elected, this is no surprise.

The 'big lie' about the election still resonates with a sizable amount of the population.

The Anti-Vaccine movement flies in the face of science and common sense. Even though 'their president' and all at Fox News are vaccinated!!!

The Republican party is full of people in Congress who call Muslims 'terrorists' and put out videos about killing AOC.

Democracy in the US is, I repeat IS IN DANGER.

We must do whatever we can to restore sanity in our country.

Biden is trying, but people not taking the vaccine and inflation caused by world shipping issues, aren't helping him.

Pitch in!

Defend Democracy at all cost--ALL COST!!!




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