Sunday, February 24, 2013

A biscuit in my shoe

So, I got to church today (St. Andrew's, Northford this week) and realized there was something in my shoe. I pulled it off in the middle of the center aisle while talking with Frank and discovered one of my dog's biscuits. Now how, I asked myself, did that happen? I know Bela didn't drop it in for safe keeping because he will eat whatever you give him immediately. My shoe was downstairs--actually it is a ankle high boot that I bought when I wore out Harriet's father's boots that she gave me when he died.

Marvin was his name and he was a wonderful man. And I got some of this clothes along with his boots (which were practically brand new). Some sweaters I still have. There was something almost holy about wearing Marvin's boots and sweaters--something sweet and touching. But I wore them out and had to buy new boots and today, when I got to church, found a dog biscuit in the left one.

Why didn't I notice it when I walked Bela and the had breakfast and then drove to Northford? How can you have a dog biscuit in your shoe for a couple of hours and not notice? But, be that as it may, that was what happened.

There is a great song from the musical "Godspell" about 'putting a pebble in your shoe' and calling the pebble 'Dare' and walking with the pebble in your shoe to remind you of how wondrous and holy it is just to be able to walk the road of life.

Having a dog biscuit in your shoe is not the thing of song, I don't think. It's just weird and strange. Frank told me when he had a greyhound the dog would sometimes hide biscuits in his shoes. It was a rather wondrous thing to find a dog treat in my shoe while talking to one of the few people (I imagine) in the Universe who has experienced the same thing. Ponder that.

Frank is a wonderful man cut from the same cloth as Marvin. I'd gladly wear Frank's shoes and sweaters. Frank works to curtail human trafficing. He spends time on the streets of cities with prostitutes, offering them a path to living a more normal life. How good a thing to do is that?

And just imagine, he used to find dog biscuits in his shoes the way I did this morning.

All this is beyond me. Just too amazing, life is. Just walking through it should keep us astonished. We should put a pebble in our shoe and call it Dare and walk on into the mystery and magic of life.


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