Friday, February 22, 2013

Dirty Snow

OK, the snow has stayed around so long that it's kinda nasty by now. It has shrunk, so three feet has become a foot and a half, but it is all dirty and frozen multiple times and...well, nasty.

Once I did love to watch the snow
So lovely, white and pure you know,

But now it is no fun to see,
So dirty, frozen and nasty.

The snow is old, it's been two weeks
Since it fell, deep drifts, deeper peaks.
Lovely then and so ugly now,
Moved by shovel, blower and plow.

My dog's confused and troubled too
'Bout where to pee and where to poo,
Since snow obscures the normal land
Where smells are obviously at hand.

The snow has stayed beyond its time
And I am running out of rhyme,
But warmer weather I do seek,
Yes, warmer weather I do seek.

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