Saturday, February 9, 2013

What's in a name?

Going out on the back deck and not being able to see the Adirondack chairs was the first hint something had gone terribly wrong.....That and having the snow in the front yard the same level as the front porch....And that white picket fence on the East side of our yard, it seems to have disappeared.

But what's the name of this storm?

The weather channel calls it Nemo and the local channels insist her name is Charlotte!

What's up with that? Can't we all come together on something as non-political as a blizzard? I don't see any implications for this name disagreement. This isn't the national debt or gun control or immigration--it's a snow storm for goodness sake...let's agree on a name....

We didn't lose power at all so we're warm and comfortable as we are stranded. The snow piles our neighbor Mark made when he borrowed another neighbor's snow blower, are over my head where our driveway meets Cornwall Ave. And Cornwall is barely a lane wide with four or five inches of snow on it. The plows simply have nowhere to pile the snow.

Church is cancelled tomorrow. so we have another day to fool around moving snow from one pile to another.

It all came down in around 24 hours--more than two inches an hour since some places it's over 3 1/2 feet around here.

Amazing and a bit awe inspiring about Nature and all....But we have electricity. Nemo/Charlotte seems like the Devil in White to many people in New England right now.

And their best strategy right now might be to find shelter if they can because the temperature is dropping fast....

Stay warm, if you live up here. If you live outside New England, feel blessed Nemo/Charlotte didn't come your way....

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