Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oh Lord, thank God for Molly James!

I've been locked off my blog page for almost a week.

Something weird happened. I was asked for a password and since my blog was set us by Sandy Carlson years ago, I didn't remember if I remembered it. I didn't and I was locked off my blog for three days.

After three days I was allowed to change my password and then was told I was still prohibited from seeing my blog page.

I had all this stuff I wanted to blog about, all of which I forgot because I was prohibited to view my page.

I asked Molly James, one of the priests who works with me in the Cluster, because she is a Tech Wonder, to help me. After several emails she got a email to me from Blogger to come and it failed to help me the first and second time. The third time, in ways I do not understand, I got here and am writing here.

I love to blog. I hate the technology that allows me to do that.

Odd, I know. I just hope that tomorrow, when I do what I do--go to 'most visited' on my icon list and click on Castor Oil Tree that I'll be able to write. We'll see, I imagine.

Oh, some of those things I wanted to blog about:

*A guy in Australia got killed by his pet. His pet was a python. 'nough said about choosing your pets wisely.

*Couldn't people leave Jennifer Lawrence alone? In Winter's Bone, The Hunger Games and Silver Lining Playbook she was amazing as three totally different characters. She might be an actress for our life-time, but not is she is hounded always by every one. Leave her alone. The next two books of the "Hunger Games" trilogy are in production. Leave her be. Let her act and make us joyous.

*Since 1776 has there been anything stupider, less needed and more destructive than the 'sequester' that starts in 19 minutes, since I'm writing at 11:41 pm? We need some kindergarten teachers to handle congress....

I just pray that tomorrow when I try to get on my blog, I can.

Molly is a wonder at this point. But tomorrow comes....

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