Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My favorite person I've never met....

We all have 'favorite people' we've never met, right?

(Just checking that out since I tend to think I'm the norm of the universe and I certainly have favorite people I've never met.....)

So, if we agree on the premise, then here are some of mine: Bob Dylan, Derrik Jeter, Barack Obama and his family, Jon Steward, Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Bette Middler, P.D. James, Bill Moyers, George R. R. Martin, Rachel that.

But my most favorite person I've never met (though we've emailed and talked on the phone) is Linda S., who works for the Church Pension Fund Group. What she does is be an advocate for members of the Episcopal Church Medical Trust when they're having trouble with the Insurance Companies that have contracts with the Episcopal Church.

Linda S. (I'll not tell you  her name since I never asked her if I could write about her) helped me out of a mess of my own making back in 2009. Something changed in the Diocesan Insurance Plan and I payed no attention and kept going to a Dr. who was no longer covered on my plan (though I could have chosen a plan that made him covered) and he did a sh**-load of tests (including a full body scan that allowed me to look at my skeleton. Have you ever seen your skeleton? I guarantee it won't look anything like you imagined and will make you either decide to believe in the whole evolution side-by-side with ape thing or totally embrace it.....)

The bills started being sent to C*G*A--I have cleverly obscured the name of the Insurance company by putting a * in place of the I and N--and were denied en mass. 

It WAS my fault, but somehow, Linda S. and the moral authority of the Church Pension Group, got that unnamed insurance company to pay some $7000+ that they could have, legally, denied.

And just since I've been sick, the same company, *IGN*--denied paying thousands and thousands of dollars of lab work because they said no "provider" had requested it. Well, it was all about Bern's pancreas and I would sell the house to pay for the results we got, but, excuse me, the Dr. C**NA paid to do all the medical procedures requiring the Lab Work CIG** denied was, ultimately the 'provider' requesting that Lab work. But since it came, not from her but from Yale-New Haven Hospital--*IGNA denied the claims--about four mortgage payments of claims.

But I know Linda will have it handled by Monday if not tomorrow.

She's my favorite person I've never really met....

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