Sunday, January 25, 2015

my weather junkie....

Bern is a Gen-U-Ine 'weather junkie'. Much of today she has been dancing around about the "Blizzard of 2015", which seems to be baring down on us here in CT. A foot or more of snow, 50 mph winds, just short of Armageddon.

And Bern loves it.

She went to the store today for Kind Bars (which she loves), chips and, unfortunately, not batteries. Our flashlights need them greatly. Maybe I'll go in the morning before the end of the world comes.

She makes up songs about the blizzard and I even heard her downstairs talking to our dog about how he didn't need to worry, we'd stay with him and not go to a shelter....

I mean, really....

I like weather in moderation at all times. Bern is energized by major weather events.

Go Figure.

At least she does a lion's share of the shoveling...

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