Friday, January 2, 2015

Home again

Back from Baltimore in just over 5 1/2 hours--including stopping at the kennel to pick up the dog!

Josh and Cathy sometimes take over 7 hours--but they're always traveling on holidays and we go mid-morning or after the 5 pm rush hour.

A piece of road that's been worked on since they've lived in Baltimore (6 years or so) was finished just for this trip. They've opened I 95 express lanes both north and south from just before the tunnel to beyond the Baltimore Beltway. It makes an enormous difference to have now 7 lanes in both directions.

But who wants to know about that? Well, unless you're planning a trip to Baltimore....

Our granddaughters are still the most beautiful, talented and smart girls on the East Coast and maybe beyond. Tegan (who's 5) read us "The Spooky Old Tree", which is one of the Berenstine Bears books if you know children's literature. She's five! I suspected she could read a bit when they were here at Thanksgiving. Morgan works on complex lego things for an hour at a time--I wouldn't last 15 minutes. And Emma sings like an angel.

Good genes is all I can say....

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