Monday, January 5, 2015

OK, I've had it with the NYPD

I've been watching with amazement as Police Officers have turned their backs on Mayor de Blasio at the two funerals of NYPD officers executed last week. The only thing odder is that the assassin, claiming to be avenging the deaths of unarmed Black men at the hands of the police, chose to kill a Chinese and a Hispanic police officer.

This second back turn was not only to the mayor but to the Police Commissioner in New York who told them not to do it.

I've been trying to think of what the equivalent action would be in my life--to turn my back on a bishop I did not agree with or felt unsupported by? I've certainly sat in the private office of several bishops and aired my differences with them, but it would never occur to me to try to embarrass a bishop in a public setting. Such things aren't done in polite society to your superior.

I guess the NYPD has shown it doesn't travel in 'polite society', which, if I understand it, was roughly what de Blasio said in his campaign for mayor. And a lot of New Yorkers must have agreed.

To Protect and Serve has become to 'Dis and Taunt.

Whatever happened to the chain of command in the police? Why do they think they can disobey their Police Commissioner and disrespect their mayor.

No wonder people are afraid of the police. Hell, I'm Afraid of the Police and I'm an aging, white man with nothing worse than a speeding violation on my record! Imagine what young minority males must feel toward them.

And please, will someone with some sense take away the equipment from local police that makes them look like Navy Seals on the way to get bin Laden!

Who guards the guardians, after all....

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