Sunday, January 11, 2015

Red Eye?

There was this bar way up on a hill in Morgantown, WV, (which has lots of hills, I assure you) when I was in college that served a drink in huge mugs--about a quart I'd say--of beer and tomato juice. My friends and I used to walk up there (none of us had a car, Thank God!, or we would have killed ourselves driving after 5 or 6 of what I think was called 'Red Eyes'.

(Someone I went to college with will read this and let me know it that was what the tomato juice/beer mixture was called.)

The tomato juice convinced you that it was a breakfast drink but the beer, even at 3.2% that was what WV beer was in those days, would wipe you out because you'd drink too many too fast.

Walking back down the hill was an adventure. I'm sure that the next morning we didn't know how we got back to our dorms and apartments the night before.

I wish I remembered the bar's name so I could tell you.

But Red Eyes would give you just that the next morning.

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