Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Blizzard came...sort of....

We were really lucky in south-western Connecticut--unlike Long Island, eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island, most of Massachusetts, and northern New England.

About 7 inches here--just far away from the coast which the storm hugged through the state. Not the 2 feet we'd been promised. But some promises are BEST when broken....The only electricity lost in CT was because a plow truck hit a tree somewhere that fell into the lines!

The snow's going to be around for a while since it doesn't seem it will be above freezing for the rest of the week and there might be more on Friday.

I told Bern that Stop and Shop should sponsor storms. I went there Monday afternoon and it was a mad house, truly. I hadn't intended to buy bottled water but noticed there was no water left except for on case of 24 16oz. bottles. So, I bought it, not knowing exactly why except I was drawn in by the frenzy of post Blizzard shopping.

It will last us a year, I predict. The only time we drink bottled water is on long trips.

I went back to Stop and Shop after the roads had been somewhat cleared today. Still no water and almost no bread. Bread and water was going to be the diet during the Blizzard, I guess.

This winter has really been gentle so far...but let me find some wood to knock on....

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