Friday, January 16, 2015

The three worst jokes I know (and wish I didn't)

Somebody must have written a book of the 'Worst Jokes Ever' but I don't have it. But I do have the three worst jokes I know. I wish I didn't know them, but maybe if I write them down, they'll leave me be.

The first is this:
Q: Did you ever smell moth balls?
A: Sure.
Q: How did you get his little legs apart?

Even worse:
The Three things men of a certain age should do: 1) Never waste an erection. 2) Never think it's just a fart. 3) Pee before you get in a car.

Worst of all:
A guy goes to his doctor for a physical on his lunch hour. He's ready to go back to work but the nurse tells him, "you can't go yet--we need a blood sample, a urine sample and a stool sample.
And the guy says, "can't I just leave you my jockey shorts?"

Now, try to get them out of your head....

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