Thursday, October 31, 2019

Another lovely Autumn day in CT

I've heard rumors about a golden orb that graces the sky in daylight. I even have some vague memories of it.

But you wouldn't know it for the past week or so in Connecticut.

The sun has peaked out a couple of times in the past week, but only for a few minutes.

Rain, drizzle, wind and thick clouds--that has been 'weather' here for some time.

Yesterday was misty and moisty all day. Driving to Waterbury and back I had the windshield wipers on intermittent speed and the front and rear defroster because the windows kept clouding up.

Really weird.

Rain is not something to complain about considering how they would love to have it is California to help with the wildfires.

But then, the weather reflects the cloudiness of our country over what's gone on in the White House.

Symbolic, I'd say.

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