Sunday, October 20, 2019

Y(our) god is too small

Miester Eckhard, a late 13th and early 14th German mystic and monk, once wrote: "God, rid me of god for the sake of God."

What he knew was that his concept of  'god' was too small and he needed 'God' to rid him of it so he could believe in a God worth believing in.

Maybe that's true for me and you.

Maybe our god is too small.

Maybe we limit god by our own perspectives and understandings.

Maybe God is beyond what we can think or understand.

Maybe God is so vast, so beyond comprehension, so much more than we could conceive of or understand that our god is too limited, too small.

So, maybe we should let go of all we think of god and let God be GOD.


Just Maybe.

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