Monday, October 14, 2019

See you on Friday

I'm leaving in the morning for Holy Cross Monastery to help lead the Making A Difference workshop.

It is one of my passions and commitments,.

But since I only write posts on my desktop, you won't hear from me for several days.

I hope you miss me.

Making a Difference changed my life over 30 years ago.  So I've given much of my time and energy to pay it back.

It is a course for 'those who minister'--lay and ordained--and I meet amazing people who come to take the course.

It's always different and always the same.

I went to Ireland to do MAD eleven times and trained Irish leaders. The last time I went I only critiqued them, I didn't lead for a moment. And I haven't been back.

I miss that Green Island and the marvelous people there.

Don't tell me red haired people are disappearing. Go to Ireland....

Will check in when I get back on Friday, hopefully with something interesting to share.

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