Tuesday, October 1, 2019

We are lion cubs raised by goats

A story I know goes like this:

A lion cub got separated from the pride and was raised by mountain goats.

The cub ate grass, though he thought it vile, and ran with the goats at any strange noise.

For all the cub knew, he was a mountain goat.

But one day, when he was still quite young, the goats were on a hill above a river and there was a loud noise down by the river.

The cub started to run with the goats, but something in the noise struck him in the heart.

He crept to the side of the hill and looked down at the river. He saw a full grown lion feasting on a deer.

The lion saw him and said, "come down here and look in the river with me".

The cub was terrified but something made him creep down. He stopped to take a bite of grass.

The lion said, "why are you doing that? Doesn't that taste vile?"

The cub knew it did and with great bravery got  himself to the bank of the river.

 When he looked in the river, he saw his face and the face of the lion.

"I'm like you," the cub said in astonishment.

"Yes you are," the lion said. "Have a bite of real food.

The cub bit at the deer and then let out the first roar of his life.

We're like that cub. We think we're goats, but we're lions, made to battle evil and set things right.

Be a lion, my friend. Look into the river and recognize who you are.

You are lions, beloved!

Now, as never before in our lifetimes, we need to roar....

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