Monday, October 7, 2019

Which excuse are we on?

The President has made at least 6 excuses for his call to Ukraine's president.

First it was a 'perfect' call.

Then it was a 'hoax'.

Then it was that the whistle blower had only second and third hand information.

Then it was whoever gave the whistle blower the information were 'traders'.

Then it was Adam Shift was a spy.

Then Nancy Pelosi should be impeached (never mind that there is no way to impeach a member of the House).

Then it was he had ever right to do it--and do it to China as well, as he did.

Then he was 'joking' about China.

Then it was all Rick Perry's fault.

That's more than six and there are several more I've left out.

Holy Cow!!!

Can you believe this guy?

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