Sunday, October 6, 2019

Haven't written for a few days

The whole impeachment news is so compelling, I haven't caught up with my blog.

Amazing, what's going on,

Today's gospel from Luke (the usually compassionate gospel) tells 'believers' that they are like 'slaves'--what a horrible comparison, and shouldn't expect acknowledgement for what they do since what they do is what they're called to do--be loving, generous and open to the needs of others.

And that's the truth.

The idea that 'everyone gets a trophy' has created a generation of folks who think they are 'entitled', whether they have succeeded or not.

I had one person tell me how she used to run a Science Fair and give three ribbons until parents told her everyone should get a ribbon.

Another person told me how, in her office, folks show up 'expecting' to be promoted and treated with respect even if they didn't know how to do their jobs.

I am 'magna cum laude' and Phi Beta Kappa.

I earned that, just as I earned my four degrees.

And I didn't feel like I deserved any praise. It was just 'what I did'.

We all need to 'do' what we are called to do.

And expect no praise.

It is simply our calling.

Be loving, generous and open to the needs of others.

A prayer I often say before a Eucharist is this: "God, open our hearts to your love, our minds to the Truth and our lives to those in need."

Our calling.

No acknowledgement or praise needed.

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