Saturday, October 19, 2019

How much I missed

Being gone Tuesday morning until Friday afternoon and not seeing or hearing any news for that time except for NPR in the car up to West Park and back, I missed a lot.

The nonsense around the White House gained a lot of more and dangerous nonsense.

The Yankees lost two games (because I wasn't watching!!!) and won Friday (because I was watching!!!)

Elijah Cummings died (alas and alack and may God take him into God's heart).

Lots of lying by the President and when his 'acting' Chief of Staff (is anyone permanent in this administration?) actually told the truth (there was quid pro quo with Ukraine) people started falling over each other to say he didn't 'really' say it.

But it's kind of nice to be out of the 24 hour news parade for a few days.

I wasn't nearly as anxious as I am watching CNN and MSNBC.

Maybe getting off the grid from time to time would be helpful to blood pressure and stress.

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