Monday, October 28, 2019

Monday is my favorite day

I love Monday. On Monday, I do nothing. Nothing I don't want to do.

I sleep late. 9:30 today.

And I do nothing.

Oh, I do read. Finished a book today.

I do take the dog out.

I do cook--my turn this Monday--a great salad, assorted vegetables and cod loin baked with Planko and green onions. Very good.

But I do nothing I don't want to do.

I went out to buy some wine--Pinot Grigio--which is all I drink (and my spell check doesn't recognize either word of a world wide known wine.)

I watch a little TV. Mostly CNN and MSNBC--liberal, almost socialist, Democrat as I am.

I talk with Bern and almost no one else all day except to say 'thank you' to people who hold wine store doors for me and 'you're welcome' to people I hold wine store doors for.

Mondays are all about me.

(Most days, if I'm honest) but Mondays for sure.

I love Mondays.

Monday is my favorite day.

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