Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Anti-abortionist Abby Johnson

She spoke at the RNC.

She used to work for Planned Parenthood but is now a rabid anti-abortionist.

She also has said several times that she supports 'head of household' voting.

That means only one vote for each married couple.

Effectively she wants to take the vote from women almost exactly a hundred years after the 19th Amendment gave women the vote.

She said, when confronted, 'imagine that, a wife and husband agreeing or a wife who honors her husband as the head of their home. Gasp! What a biblical concept."

That's who votes for the president (who will not be named here).

Disenfranchising women.

You want to vote with her?

Ponder that.

Then vote. link to my youtube blob. All opinions here are mine and mine alone.


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