Monday, August 3, 2020

laying low

Because of the heat we seldom leave the house.

Except for the grocery store and my every two week shots at Waterbury Hospital, I don't go much of anywhere.

Bern went to see her friend Sherry on Sunday. They sat halfway across a big front from each other.

Other than that she is only in the grocery.

I'm getting used to laying low.

At first it bothered me, but not for a couple of weeks now.

Who knew zoom would be our social life. Zoom church, Zoom my clergy group, Zoom with Josh and his family. Facetime on Bern's phone with Eleanor.

We pick up books outside the library.

I picked up Brigit's prescription outside the Vet's.

When we order out dinner once a week or so, I pick it up sitting outside.

The wine store I go to will bring it out to your car if you call ahead.

Lots of outside things.

l like that.

Who knows how long this will go on.

Lots of laying low.

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