Wednesday, August 12, 2020

I couldn't be happier!

It's not just the visit to Mimi, Tim and Eleanor that makes me happy tonight--though that was priceless for Eleanor's 4th birthday. She had a unicorn cake that cost $70, which shocked me greatly, until Mimi told me it would have cost $150 in NYC.

North Branch is so peaceful and calm. Tim loves it. Mimi misses the city and goes into her office every week and a half or so. She went this morning before we came home.

What also makes me happy is Kamala  Harris as Biden's VP pick.

She was my favorite all along.

Here tearing into Biden at the Democratic debates means he's a man who can take criticism and live with it. Hooray for him! Unlike our current president who only accepts agreement and compliance or fires you.

I've watched Harris in the debates and questioning Republicans in the Senate. She will shred Pence in a debate, if one happens in this strange time.

Half of her DNA from Jamaica and half is from India. Black and Asian. What better?

Her parents met at a civil rights protest in California. What better place for her parents to have met?

She is just what we need today, a woman from two parts of the world who was a District Attorney, an Attorney General of our largest state and an U.S. Senator.

Just what we need today.

Joy! Joy!

Tucker Carlson was mispronouncing her first name in an interview today--he was saying "Ka-Mel-La" and the person he was talking to corrected him. "It's 'comma', like the punctuation mark", he told Tucker, and , "and 'la' at the end."

Tucker was not happy at being corrected.

He's not happy, at all, at Biden's pick.

Kamala changes the whole dynamic of the election.

(Opinions here are mine and mine alone.)

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