Saturday, August 8, 2020

Let there be light!

How are you doing after the tropical storm came through New England?

 We lost power sometime Tuesday afternoon and it didn't come back until 3:30 a.m. Thursday. About 36 hours. Two dark, dark nights but Bern had so many candles that our house looked like a cathedral!

Cable didn't come back until this morning, which is why I haven't posted in so long.

Two things I've learned: never take electricity for granted and feel fortunate when you get it back and others haven't. This afternoon there were still 2900 customers in Cheshire that hadn't had power restored. Initially 94% of Cheshire was out of power.

 The storm upended and ruined Bern's grape arbor. We couldn't get it back together so she cut off all the branches. No grapes this summer.

Lots of tree branches in the yard. We are surrounded by very big trees on the east side of our yard. But no real damage.

Brigit, our dog, was freaked out by the dark and no TV. We usually eat dinner in the TV room and she's with us. But Tuesday and Wednesday we ate out on the deck. We lost most of the stuff in our freezer, but things in the refrigerator were ok.

Never, ever take electricity for granted!

We also got power back before most of Cheshire. Always count your blessings and feel fortunate.

We're doing zoom church though some of our parishioners are still without power. I called people to read and they're all ok--power, internet, all of it.

On top of the Pandemic and the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, the storm was just one more thing.

Lord, help us!

You know we need it!


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