Tuesday, August 25, 2020


OK, here's the truth--I can only watch it for a few minutes at a time.

I hate to be lied to, misled and given false information. It insults my intelligence and makes me angry.

The fact checker for CNN was asked by Chris Cuomo, after a report of dozens of misleading statements and outright lies (Rep. Ganz said that Democrats would ask terrorists to move in next door to you!), "why didn't you fact check the Democratic Convention?"

The checker replied, "I did, right here, but it wasn't news because there were hardly any misinformation--maybe a few 'reaching too far', but no lies. The 4 days of the DNC didn't come anywhere near this first night of the RNC."

He does this for a living--but I know when I'm being misled, lied to and being intimidated with falsehoods.

And that's what it is.

And the president on every night? That's never happened at a Convention. He simply can't hear himself talk enough....

And Mike Pompeo speaking from a foreign country (Israel no less!) about domestic politics--which is not only against the Hatch Act but against his own State Department's clear rules. Give me a break!

And Don Jr.'s girlfriend screeching out untruths?

Alas and alack.

Dozens of former Republican office holders have endorsed Biden.

At least 4 Republican groups are making campaign ads against the President.

He has not only dismantled the country, he's dismantled the Republican Party, which I used to respect, if not vote for.

And oh, one other thing, one of the president's most vocal Evangelical supports--Liberty University's President, Jerry Falwell, Jr.--has resigned because it has come to light that he and his wife have had a long term sexual relationship with another man.

Alas and alack, I used to respect, if not agree with, Evangelicals--but no more, not given their blind devotion to the current President.

Hard times for me and our beloved country.

This has got to end.


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