Friday, August 21, 2020

Days three and four

I was up so late Wednesday and last night, watching the DNC, I haven't found time to write about days 3 and 4.

They were both so great!

Day 3 was Kamala's night. Her acceptance speech told us much about her upbringing and the glass ceilings she has already broken. She has a great and oft-used smile. It lights up the room--even the huge, empty room she spoke from. She is fierce and compassionate and committed.

Great speech.

Day 4 was Joe's night. so many great things happened. Just a few: Tammy Duckworth's speech, which began showing her two artificial legs from having  her helicopter she was piloting in the war shot down. A zoom meeting of most of the people Joe defeated in the primaries. One great moment was when Sen. Booker asked Sen. Sanders, "tell my Bernie, why does my girlfriend like you better than me?" Sanders replied, "because she's smarter than you are."

Then there was Brayden Harrison, a 13 year old who met Joe at one of those hand-shake lines. Joe discovered Brayden stuttered and met with him for an hour to share how he too had a stutter as a child. Brayden talked about how kind and compassionate Joe was to him. Moved me to tears.

(An aside: Joe's stuttering came up in a video about his childhood. A nun in Joe's elementary school mocked his stutter. He went home in tears and his mother took him back to school and told the nun, "if you mistreat my son again, I'll come down here and jerk that bonnet off you head!" Steven Colbert, late last night, live after the convention, (I watched it on you tube this morning), said Joe should work that into his campaign: My Mom Threatened a Nun For Me!)

The women who hosted each session were all lovely and well-spoken. Julia Louis-Dryfus was also hilarious. One of her lines was when she was giving a number to text for information on voting safely. It ended with a number, something like 303033, and Julia commented that would be Trump's golf score if he didn't cheat. Then she added, "I know I shouldn't have said that, but we know he is a cheater, and I'm a nasty, nasty woman." Pretty good, Julia.

What the Democrats did the last 4 nights is something the Republicans can't do. They showed us the faces of America. Every color, ethnic group, religion and background--both in the speakers and in the ordinary people the hosts talked with. Democrats and Joe and Kamala represent the 'whole' of American, not a slice of it.

Come on people--Get out and Vote.

We are "we the people".   (link to my you tube blog)

(All opinions here are mine and mine alone.)



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