Friday, August 21, 2020


 I've had prostate cancer. It was about 12 years ago. I found a woman oncologist in NYC and made an appointment to talk with her. I wanted a woman since she didn't have a prostate and would have a non-biased opinion.

I told her about my problem. She looked at all my medical records. I asked her, "If I were your brother, what would you tell me to do?"

She thought for a minute and said, "yank it out."

She recommended a surgeon in Greenwich who 'yanked my prostate out' at Greenwich hospital (more like a hotel than a hospital!).

Cancer is when ordinary cells began to mutate into something dangerous.

The current president has mutated much of our democracy into something dangerous.

Like my prostate gland, he needs to be 'yanked out' of office.

We can do that on November 3rd if enough of us vote.

He's trying, as best he can, to prevent all of us from voting by trying to destroy the Postal Service.

Congress is trying, oh so hard, in both parties to prevent that.

Not much to do with cancer but 'yank it out'.

Let's do that.

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(These opinions are mine and mine only.)

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