Thursday, August 13, 2020

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine the outrage if Obama had referred to a white woman as 'nasty'?

And yet our current president referred to Kamala Harris that way several times after she was announced as Biden's VP. And other derogatory terms I won't repeat here.

This is about race, but it also about gender.

It's also about decency and common courtesy.

I remember former Presidents who always referred to their opponents as "my honorable opponent", not 'sleepy Joe'.

 John McCain several times shut down people at his rallies that said Obama 'was not an American'. "He's as American as you," McCain told one of his supporters.

The current president is a threat to the peaceful transfer of power: constantly implying (falsely) that mail in voting will create fraud, saying "I'll have to wait and see" when asked if he would accept the results of the election, questioning if illegal voters will be counted.

Democracy is based on mutual respect and the rule of law. And the federal government taking charge in emergencies. To say little has been done by the White House during the pandemic would give them too much credit. And a second, much needed Covid relief bill is being held up because the Democrats want more money for the Postal Service (that the President wants to destroy!) to insure the safety of mail-in ballots.

The current president puts all that at risk.

I don't think our democracy could survive 4 more years of his lies and dismantling of our institutions and values.

BIDEN/HARRIS 2020!!!!!!!!!!

Our country is in the balance.

(All opinions here are mine and mine alone.)


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