Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lazy day

I've done almost nothing today. I slept until almost 10 and took the dog out and watched a little tennis on TV and ate three meals. And oh, I did go to Bob's to by 2 pairs of pants (gray and dark blue--I only have one pair of pants that aren't jeans or khakis) but my wardrobe isn't what I want to write about, I want to write about what a lazy day this has been.

Well, I did buy Bern a birthday present and card while I was out looking for pants. And I read almost a whole book and will finish it before I sleep. And I played hearts on the computer and talked to Bea at the Cluster office and wrote half a dozen emails and was outside for a while looking at the sky, thinking of the dwarf planet some scientists found in the last few days. And I fed the dog and the cat both breakfast and dinner and took a shower.

Just goes to show you, even on a lazy day, things happen, stuff gets done almost in spite of itself.

But I'm retired. I need a lazy day now and again....

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