Saturday, March 22, 2014

Stunned, disappointed, broken-hearted

I've learned in the past few days that the congregation I served for 21 years, St. John's in Waterbury, CT, has decided, by vote of the vestry, to evict the Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministry Soup Kitchen and Food Closet.

I have no right to judge that decision since I've been gone for almost four years.

But this I know and know fair well--the Soup Kitchen feeds over 400 people a day and the Food Closet helps hundreds a week. That I know.

And in a place like Waterbury, feeding the hungry is the Mission of God. And the Mission of God is what the church exists to be a part of .

I am stunned, disappointed and broken-hearted that St. John's has reached some point in their communal life when this action seems to be the right one.

The whole time I was Rector, part of the great joy I felt in that position was knowing how many people the Soup Kitchen and Food Closet was helping, in the name of God. That's what I know.

I am not part of St. John's--haven't been for nearly 4 years--and, I am stunned, disappointed and broken-hearted right now about the place and ministry I loved so profoundly and gladly for so long.

Again, I have no insight into what prompted the decision but that doesn't help the way I feel to know what has been decided.

Pray for the folks the Soup Kitchen/Food Pantry served. And pray for the people of St. John's in this time...whatever is going on in that community of faithful Christians....

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