Sunday, August 17, 2014

Another beautiful day...

August rolls along in Connecticut the way it has--high to  mid 70's in the day low 60's in the night. We haven't used the air conditioner in our bed room for over a week. Wondrous weather. I slept until 10 a.m. on Saturday! I know that as you age you are supposed to sleep less--but I've been able, since I retired from full-time ministry, to sleep past 9 most nights I don't set my alarm and I only set it on Tuesdays (I have a 9:30 commitment) and Sundays. Go figure.

We'll be waking up on Oak Island, North Carolina on Sunday, two weeks from now. Vacation is upon us. We drop off the dog on August 29 (the kids next door look after the cat and bird) and stop in Virginia for the night and get to the beach on Saturday. John and Sherry will go with us, as they do. Mimi and Tim are driving down in Mimi's first car and are going to make it a three day trip and stop in places they want to stop.

Here's what we'll do when we're there: read, play in the water and eat. That's about it, besides talking and laughing only as people who have done this five or six times (or over 20 times for Bern and Mimi and me....) can do.

I want some of my ashes scattered in the waters off Oak Island--that's how important that place is to me. And it will be achingly joyful, as always, with wine enough to make it mellow. We used to spend three weeks or a month there when the kids were young. Amazing memories. We 'grew up' as a family there.

I was talking to Darcy today, telling her about it, about Oak Island. She said she'd look it up on line because it sounds like a place she and Justin would like to go. But I don't want to talk to too many people about it--it's almost empty after Labor Day and I want it to stay that way....

I'll take my lap top and blog from there...if I can remember my password. On my desktop I can go straight to it. But not always on the laptop....

It's still too weeks away, but I'm ready inside. More from me before then in this place, under the Castor Oil Tree.....

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