Monday, August 4, 2014

Disappointment in my alma mater...

My alma mater, West Virginia University, did no better than 4th on this year's list of 'best party schools'.

And that after several years of being in the top 2! WVU is where people burn couches on the street when the football team wins...I'm talkin' about serious 'party-time'!

And who squeezed them out of NUMBER ONE, you might ask...that's where the embarrassment and disappointment comes in.

In third place was UCal Santa Barbara. Ok, lots of sun and surf and no sports teams to speak of...why not party? I can get that.

In second place, though, the University of Iowa! Iowa, Jesus/Mary/and Joseph--a place that flat and dull, in the part of America most of us only fly over? Help me with this...maybe it's the flatness and dullness that drive them to drink and party, who knows?

And the 1st ranked Party School in America...give me a break...Syracuse of WVU's top rivals until college sports went crazy and WV is playing in the Southwest as part of the Big Twelve and Sryacuse--hundreds of miles from the Atlantic--is playing in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Syracuse? Give me a break? How can the Orange party? Well, it is cold as hell up there and those long winter nights drag on and on...OK, I get it.

At least we're still number 4. When Providence or Southern Methodist get ahead of WVU, I'll seriously start worrying about the party vibes in Morgantown.....

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