Monday, August 11, 2014

Our hawk

We have a hawk--well, obviously we don't 'have' a hawk, hawk's cant be had. But for the last month or so a yellow tailed hawk and his/her family have been around. We know because we hear them.

If you've ever watched "The Colbert Report" with Stephen Colbert, there is a sequence where an bald eagle comes flying through and makes a scary sound. Bald eagle's don't make that sound. Hawk's do.

I know this because I listen to National Public Radio's 'Bird Note Moments' and they told me this.

So, I know what a hawk sounds like--a really creepy, scary shriek. Which we've heard for the last month or so on a regular basis. We think the hawk's had chicks in a tree in the vacant lot behind our back yard. Lots of shrieks from the trees around our yard and the tree out there. So, we've had hawk patrol for a while.

I haven't seen a squirrel or chipmunk for over a week in our yard. Maybe they just moved on, but something tells me hawks like squirrels and chipmunks for snacks.

There was a bunny that came into our yard from time to time. I hope the hawks didn't get the bunny. I'm not sure why I like a bunny more than squirrels and chipmunks but I know I do.

I imagine that sense the area seems rather clear of fuzzy things, the hawks will find a new home base soon. It must be like that for them. I've seen one of them soaring over the graveyard of St. Peter's Church last week. Lots of squirrels there. Maybe they're moving a little to the north.

If they leave, I'll miss their shrieks. It's good drama, hearing hawks shriek.....

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