Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Reading too much?

Since last Friday, when I found John Stanford's Field of Prey on the shelves at the library after being on the call list since April, I've read that, Robert Galbraith's (aka J.K. Rowling) The Silkworm, Vicki Delany's Canadian mystery Under Cold Stone, The Hollow Girl by Reed Farrel Coleman, Mark Billingham's The Bones Beneath and am entranced by The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North (which the jacket says is 'a pseudonym').

So, I'm 127 pages into my 6th book since Friday--5 days.

I had a friend once who I thought 'meditated too much'. He was always just a tad beyond contact on a meaningful level.

I think maybe, just maybe, I read too much.

I tend to live in the novels rather than in the world I share with Bern and the rest of the world. I think about what I'm reading a lot when I'm not reading. I read when I eat breakfast and lunch. I read on the deck or at a table or in a rocking chair in the living room or standing up while I'm cooking or on the back porch standing up having a cigarette.

I truly love to read. I'm just not sure if I'm keeping it in check....

I don't watch much TV at all. I used to watch Yankee games and college football and pro football and college basketball a lot. One year--maybe a decade ago--I either watched or listened to about 130 Yankee games in one summer.

No more. I'll watch an inning or two or a few games of the tennis Bern is addicted to before going off to my addiction--reading.

Maybe it's that I'm 67 (How in the Hell did that Happen???) and realize there are a finite number of books I can read between now and when I shuffle off this mortal coil....Who knows? I could be addicted to drugs or alcohol--we'll I do drink a considerable amount of Pino Grigio--the only thing I drink....But this reading thing in my real addiction. A book always, always goes to the bathroom with me....I always, always have a book in the car....When I go to movies, I read through the previews until the lights go down....I read outside until it is so dark my opthmologist would have a fit.

Maybe when I finish the Claire North book--sometime tomorrow evening, I suspect--I'll see if I can go through Friday and Saturday without reading...just to see if I can or if I need a Bibliophile 12 Step Group....R.A. it would be....

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